Azukari is a traditional Japanese practice in which koi fish are kept and cared for by another person or organization, typically a koi farm or breeder, for a set period of time. This practice is often used as a way for koi enthusiasts to purchase high-quality koi that are not yet fully grown, allowing them to watch the fish develop and mature over time.

In the azukari process, the koi owner (called the “okawari”) will pay a fee to the person or organization caring for the koi (called the “azukari”) in exchange for their care and maintenance of the fish. The azukari is responsible for feeding, cleaning, and caring for the koi until they are ready to be returned to the okawari.

At kurihara koi farm we specialise in azukari for elegies koi fish and arrange all entry to the Japanese koi shows.

The length of the azukari period varies, but it is typically at least one year and can last several years depending on the size and development of the koi. During this time, the okawari may visit the koi and watch their progress, but the azukari has primary responsibility for their care. We will provide regular monthly updates on your koi . Videos and photos and measurements uploaded to you each month.

This a way for koi enthusiasts to invest in high-quality fish and watch them grow over time. It is also a way for koi farms and breeders to ensure that their koi receive the best possible care and attention during their development.

And the team at kurihara koi farm are looking forward to caring for your future champion.